Prayer Ministry Podcast for July 24, 2022

 Please click on the following link to listen to and join our prayer podcast. 


Prayer Ministry Podcast for July 24, 2022


Please note: Click on the left hand menu (graphic with three horizontal lines) to use our form to send in your prayer requests, or email them to . Thanks again, and God bless you. 

Yours in Christ,

Brother Dave


  1. Amen!!! Thanks for the 🙏!!! God Bless You, Brother Dave

  2. PTL!! I followed but didn't get a notification I don't think about the new episode Sunday. So I just checked in. I look forward to these!!! God Bless Bro Dave!!!!!

    1. I haven't figured out how to get it to send notifications, I'm afraid. May not be an option. But thanks for following!

    2. Bro Dave, when I tried to subscribe to your blog, it led me through setting up a blog for myself. I think it gave me the option to send an invitation to people for them to subscribe to my blog. I sent myself an invitation for kicks and it let me subscribe to my own blog. Maybe subscriptions have to be sent by invitation. But, I can't remember how I did it from my own blog.


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